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About Media Melon Products introduced by LiveInstantly

Missions & Targets

Streaming services are acknowledged as the future of video entertainment. But, in order to succeed as business ventures, these streaming service need sophisticated tools to drive continuous improvement at every level. Not only do you need to offer a broad range of engaging content, you also need to deliver an outstanding user experience, while keeping a close eye on the operational cost base. Consumers have an extremely limited tolerance for a sub-standard viewing experience, however unique and compelling you feel your content may be. Delivering on continuous operational improvement and consumer Quality of Experience levels that meet or exceed those of traditional broadcast services across a diverse range of OTT networks and device types is not that easy to achieve.

The MediaMelon mission is to help every media company overcome these challenges, raise the bar on the user experience they deliver, and continuously improve the competitive profile of their global entertainment services.

SmartSight tools help analyze and optimize services with diverse business models.

Target customersChallenges with Video Analytics
SVODMeet the challenges of delivery costs, subscriber acquisition, and churn.
OVPs & IntegratorsEliminate the heavy lift of assembling and optimizing an in-house analytics solution, while providing the broadest platform support.
AVODBalance the demands of a fickle audience base and the commercial reality of ad monetization
FASTImprove the multi-channel experience and maximize service ROI.
Live/Low LatencyA single, intelligent platform to power your business in the leverage of LL-DASH and LL-HLS, and HESP etc. for a premium consumer experience.
TVE (TV Everywhere)Meet high expectations of broadcast consumers across a very broad spectrum of device and network types.

Media Melon Platform

The SmartSight Platform provides a robust and scalable foundation for the source data behind all SmartSight streaming intelligence tools. With a cloud-native and API-first architecture, the SmartSight Platform offers the most comprehensive, flexible and secure platform for practical operational and business-focused tools that optimize video service delivery. The SmartSight Platform acts as a foundation data warehouse and common core layer for all the SmartSight tools and interfaces.

Smart Sight QoE - Intelligent Streaming Analytics

SmartSight QoE is the lens that’s focused on understanding the real consumption experience of your viewers, with full, continuous, and detailed visibility of all service delivery events for the duration of every video session. When you connect this granular session instrumentation to rich metadata, CDN logs, and objective iMOS™ video quality measurement data, you have the power to drive your customer engagement and business metrics forward. SmartSight QoE is the tool that brings an enhanced connection between operational performance and your business goals that helps to prioritize requirements across engineering and workflow configurations.

Smart Sight QBR - Intelligent Optimization of Stream Quality and Cost

SmartSight QBR takes on the challenge of meeting your enhanced streaming QoE goals by integrating service delivery and player rendering with a proven objective video measurement framework. SmartSight QBR uses objective perceptual video quality information generated by patented iMOS content evaluation tools in conjunction with per-session, per network type business rules. This reference data is used to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, resulting in improved delivery QoE, elimination of buffering, and significantly reduced streaming costs for your service.

Smart Sight Ads - Intelligent Optimization of Advertising ROI

SmartSight Ads offers a multi-dimensional analysis of live and on-demand streaming ad performance, efficiency and quality in one solution to pinpoint under-performing monetization opportunities. DAI failures, ad blocker interference, and ad delivery issues can often be hard to identify at run-time without specialist tools due to the often-complex infrastructure and ecosystem. Addressing these latent issues immediately improves your service monetization with more ad impressions successfully served, reducing content abandonment and viewer churn, while offering an improved overall viewing experience.

About Media Melon

Media Melon is a professional company that provides scalable, robust media analytics and insight platform with a cloud-native and API-first architecture. MediaMelon mission is to help every media company overcome their challenges in continuous operational improvements and consumer quality of experience for video entertainment services, raise the bar on the user experience they deliver, and continuously improve the competitive profile of their global entertainment services.

Media Melon has received numerous awards for its products and, in 2022, is recognized by Streaming Media as Top 50 Technology Leaders. The unique value of the MediaMelon technology is illustrated by its solid portfolio of 30+ patents on video quality enhancement, intelligent content routing, and advanced video analytics.

Media Melon is founded in 2016, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, US. Software R&D team is located in Bangalore, India.